Regions 202020 Inspiration GuideRegions 202020 Inspiration Guide for Sustainable Energy Regions

We hope the information provided on this website, as part of the ENNEREG project activities, will inspire you to follow the example of the ENNEREG Pioneer Sustainable Energy Regions.  On this website we show what has been going on throughout the European Union during the ENNEREG project period (May 2010-April 2013) and highlight actions undertaken by Sustainable Energy Regions and Sustainable Energy Communities Projects within key Sustainable Energy Themes.

The Regions 202020 Inspiration Guide for Sustainable Energy Regions on this website takes a step-by-steps approach and provides background information to enable you to develop sustainability in your region. In particular it lists local, regional and national Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) and Good Practice case studies which can act as models that may provide further inspiration to implement Sustainable Action Projects (SEPs).

The lead partner in each ENNEREG Pioneer Region varies from Regional Government, to National or Regional Energy Agency to private company, illustrating how regional energy actors can take the lead in enabling their region to become a Sustainable Energy Region. In addition, several of the ENNEREG Pioneer Regions are Covenant of Mayors Territorial Coordinators, while two regions include islands which have been developing ISEAPs as part of IslePact.

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The Guide, including Experiences from the ENNEREG Regions and Good Practice case studies, is also available on DVD-ROM (May 2013) - please contact (South Denmark European Office - Brussels) or (ECNet - Denmark) if you would like a copy.

To help you achieve your objectives this section of the Regions 202020 website provides detailed information covering the following:

All these sections of the online Inspiration Guide are dynamic and have been regularly updated during the ENNEREG project as information covering SEAPs, Good Practice and other Resources - including Tools, Methodologies and Presentations - has been collected. In particular, we describe opportunities for obtaining financial assistance to enable you to develop Sustainable Energy Actions in Your Region.

The figure below illustrates how the ENNEREG project used the Regions 202020 Network to learn, share and inspire.

The lessons learnt by the 12 ENNEREG Pioneer Regions during the project have also been combined with experience from other regions already developing and implementing SEAPs and SEPs, culminating in the publication of a final version of the Inspiration Guide in April 2013. After the project ends, these Pioneers will be able to continue to exchange experience and inspire, guide and support replication throughout Europe via the Regions 202020 Network »

How Regions 202020 Learns, Shares and Inspires