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Bioclimatic architecture at Naxos island, Greece.  Ministry of Culture and Tourism
Issue 2 Summer 2011

In Autumn 2010, Issue 1 of Sustainable Energy Communities NEWS introduced the five Intelligent Energy - Europe (IEE) Sustainable Energy Communities (SEC) projects that have joined forces to promote innovative local action to inspire cities and regions to meet EU targets for 2020 on greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency and use of renewable energy.

This second newsletter provides an update on the activities of the five projects - ENNEREG, Energy for Mayors, City_SEC, come2CoM and ENESCOM – during their first year since May 2010, highlighting specific actions in Regions and Communities throughout Europe.

Image: Bioclimatic architecture at Naxos island. © Ministry of Culture and Tourism

ENNEREG "Regions 202020"

Promoting Local and Regional Sustainable Energy Actions in the Regions 202020 Network

Wdzydze Landscape Park (Source: Regions 202020 Network acts as an enabling environment to inspire EU Regions to take up the challenges of fulfilling the EU 20-20-20 climate and energy targets.

In this article you can read more about the progress of the 12 ENNEREG Pioneers in their journey to become Sustainable Energy Regions and find out how You can Promote Your Region or Local Community and contribute to the content of this website.

Image: Wdzydze Landscape Park (Source:

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Supporting Sustainable Energy in Wales

Map showing 12 ENNEREG Pioneer RegionsA major drive to help the planet, Carmarthenshire is Greener Every Day, 12-15 April 2011 as part of the EU Sustainable Energy Week, has been hailed a huge success. A special programme of events and activities was held to educate people of all ages about climate change. Free training on Anaerobic Digestion is also being offered to community groups to promote and disseminate information on the benefits of processing domestic food-waste via anaerobic digestion.

Image: Pupils from Ysgol Maes Y Morfa, Wales attend an energy efficiency workshop

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Wielkopolska contributes to the promotion of initiative Covenant of Mayors

UMWW staff in front of the exhibition 'Good Energy’ - 23 March 2011The Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region (UMWW) in cooperation with the Association of Municipalities Polish Network “Energie Cités” (supporting structure for CoM in Poland) organized the conference “Covenant of Mayors – initiative of European Commission in terms of the energy potential of the Wielkopolska Region” and exhibition, "Good Energy", on 23 March 2011. Since the conference, Jarocin Commune has become the first Wielkopolska community to become a member of the Association of Municipalities Polish Network “Energie Cités”. The appropriate resolution was undertaken on 19th of April, 2011 by the Jarocin City Council.

Image: UMWW staff in front of the exhibition 'Good Energy’ - 23 March 2011

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Schéma Régional Climat Air Énergie (SRCAE) Rhône-Alpes

Schéma Régional Climat Air Énergie Rhône-Alpes The SRCAE (Schéma Régional Climat Air Énergie - Regional Plan Climate Air Energy) of the region Rhône-Alpes was officially launched on December 6th 2010 by the Prefect and the President of Region. It will be a strategic and unique document which integrates all the dimensions climate, air and energy by defining orientations on topics including control of energy demand, energy efficiency improvement, development of renewable energies, and adaptation to the effects of the climate change.

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Five communities sign the Covenant of Mayors during the First Pomeranian Energy Days

Gdynia, Gniewino, Hel, Kościerzyna and Władysławowo, CoM SignatoriesFive communes of Pomeranian Region, Gdynia, Gniewino, Hel, Kościerzyna and Władysławowo, signed the Covenant of Mayors during the Pomeranian Energy Days in Gdańsk, Poland on 15th to 17th April, 2011.

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Energy for Mayors

Energy for Mayors Launch of Toolbox of Methodologies - Support for SEAP Supporters

Energy for Mayors Toolbox of Methodologies – Climate and EnergyDuring EU Sustainable Energy Week 2011 (EUSEW 2011), the Energy for Mayors Toolbox of Methodologies – Climate and Energy was launched.

This growing collection of different types of resources and methodologies in many languages, addressing many different topics forms part of the project support package developed for organisations that are assisting cities and towns across Europe in developing Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs).

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Province of Huelva in ‘energy motion’

Ms. José Cortil hands over prepared Covenant of Mayors SEAPs to DG ENERHuelva is a province of southern Spain, in the western part of the autonomous community of Andalusia, bordered by Portugal. As a Covenant Coordinator, the Province of Huelva is engaging and supporting municipalities in the territory to develop and submit SEAPs. Part of this process includes awareness-raising and reaching out to citizens.

Image: Ms. José Cortil proudly presents Covenant of Mayors SEAPs from Huelva to Mr. Roman Doubrava of the European Commission Directorate-General for Energy (DG ENER) in Brussels during EUSEW 2011

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Focus on Croatia – sustainable energy movement

Mayors at Agreement about expert and financial support for development of SEAPsThe City of Zagreb, a partner in Energy for Mayors, is supporting the development of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) for seven (7) Croatian cities, all Covenant of Mayors signatories. During the Zagreb Energy Week (4 – 9 April 2011) a ceremonial signing ceremony took place in the Old City Hall to confirm the “Agreement about expert and financial support for development and implementation of SEAPs”.

Image: "Agreement about expert and financial support for development and implementation of SEAPs"

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Small community Leivi explores tourism angle in SEAP

Leivi in the Province of GenovaLeivi in the Province of Genova, Italy, with its 2.322 inhabitants, has approved its Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) on 28 March 2011. This was the second Municipality in the Province to sign the Covenant of Mayors (in 2009) committing to reduce more than 20% CO2 emissions by 2020. It is interesting to explore the SEAP approach taken by this small community - focusing on elements that can help improve the local quality of life and stimulate economic development. 

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ENESCOM in action

Mayors of the Unione di Comuni Valle del Samoggia The ENESCOM project’s activities are gathering momentum and local teams have begun working in the field, organizing meetings and seminars targeting local administrators and other stakeholders. Every partner organized meetings with the Covenant Pioneers, issued press releases, participated in television programs and generally managed outreach communication. Specific training programs for primary and secondary school teachers were set up in Slovenia and in Italy.

Image: The Mayors of the Unione di Comuni Valle del Samoggia [Samoggia Valley Municipalities Group] after the ENESCOM training

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Newsflash from the come2CoM partner countries

come2CoM LogoHaving reached halfway point of the project come2CoM, the country-tailored promotional campaign for the Covenant of Mayors and the support in SEAP development provided by local actors to local authorities show first signs of success:

ZEROHEROES - the Provinces of Siena in Italy and Limburg in Belgium strive to become carbon-neutral

In 2009 the Province of Limburg expressed its ambition to become carbon neutral in the whole area; ideal circumstances to run the project come2CoM. Meanwhile, the Province of Siena has set a very ambitious target for its territory: to become CARBON FREE by 2015. 

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come2CoM news from Austria, UK, Denmark and Germany

regional conference organised by the Regional Energy Agency of Southeast Sweden A summary of come2CoM activities in Bregenz (Austria), Cardiff (UK),  Kronoberg (Sweden), Zealand (Denmark) and Nordrhein-Westfalen (Germany).

Image: Regional conference organised by the Regional Energy Agency of Southeast Sweden (ESS) in one of the municipalities of the county of Kronoberg

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City_SEC - One Year On

City_SEC Study visit in Växjö – February 2011In one year of cooperation to promote local energy planning among the 49 City_SEC municipalities from 8 European countries, several activities have been realized by the project partners to raise local awareness on the importance of contributing to achieve the EU energy goals within the Covenant of Mayors. More importantly, by May 2011, most of the City_SEC municipalities will have signed up to the Covenant of Mayors, committing to go beyond the EU energy targets within the City_SEC framework.

Image: City_SEC Study visit in Växjö – February 2011

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